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These places of the world are enjoying ‘Tianjin intelligent manufacturing’


Smart applications that can be seen in our eyes like: Intelligent City, Intelligent Transportation, Intelligent Technology have quietly come into our life. Accelerating the development of intelligent manufacturing has become a new momentum to improve the economic growth in Tianjin and become a strategic choice for seizing the commanding point of future economic and technological development. Following with the pace of the intelligent age, Tianjin is gradually moving from “manufacturing” to "intelligent manufacturing ". More intelligent achievements have been produced one by one and are being transmitted to abroad.

Taking a bus in Venezuela is getting more and more popular!

‘Ticking’, ‘Hello’, ‘Insufficient Balance’, it is the sounds that you often hear when taking a public bus in a city. But in Venezuela, Such sounds have often been heard in recent years.

Local citizens in Venezuela go out mainly by public bus. But in the past years, a lot of decades-year-old buses with the bus door opened can be seen everywhere on the street of Venezuela, they rocked through the streets to pick up the crowded passengers.

In 2007, TCPS Company Limited attended an overseas promotion in which TCPS got a big surprise. Its attractive and high intelligent solution, which using a machine and a piece of card to replace manual ticket sales, has deeply impressed the minister of the ‘Ministry of Venezuela Transportation’. Since the application of intelligent transportation system (ITS) in Venezuela, the local public transport is ‘activated”.

TCPS General Manger Linda sun told the reporter “There are many ITS companies in China, but she is proudly to say TCPS is the first and the only company who has built the ITS solution across the whole country in foreign countries”.

“Comparing with Venezuela, China has a large population and its public transport environment is even more complicated. So after experiencing a series challenges in China, it is more easily to be accepted in Venezuela”. Linda Sun Said. The application of ITS in Venezuela has greatly improved the working efficiency and operation revenue of the bus companies, changed the situation where bus companies have been dependent on government funding.

“Before the operation of the system, the local bus companies thought the utilization rate of the IC card is not very high, but it has shocked them. Most of all, it is able to cancel the passenger’s misgivings on the changes and also prevent the drivers from stealing the ticket money”. Linda Sun said.

As of 2017, 2998 buses have been incorporated into the system. At the beginning of 2018, Venezuela government once again made procurement to TCPS for 200 sets of bus onboard equipment.

So now if you visit Venezuela, you will firstly choose public bus to take. The crowded and chaotic buses have disappeared and everything waiting for us is the smile of the passengers. By means of the ITS experiences, total 22 cities in Venezuela have changed its old transportation images, expediting the infrastructure construction of Venezuela.

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