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Company News
Good news! TCPS Company Limited successfully passed CMMI certification.


June 9, 2018, TCPS successfully passed the certification of Software Capability Maturity Model (SW-CMM) and the defined level is CMMI 3.

Standing for the most advanced and scientific software engineering management methods in the world, the ‘CMMI’ certification is an internationally recognized evaluation standard for measuring the maturity and standardization of software development process, and a professional pass to expand the overseas business in the field of software industry. Following with the approval of CMMI 3, it marked the software capability of TCPS can meet the standards of CMMI v1.3 model; the process can meet the requirements of goal and practice that is corresponding with CMMI 3.

Through this evaluation, it has played a vital role in improving the quality of TCPS project management, R & D management ability and productivity, promoting the ability of optimization and management during the project operation process. To an extent, it has greatly improved the quality of the delivered products and customer satisfaction, expanded the influence of TCPS in domestic and overseas market. TCPS will always maintain its excellent project management capability, improve the quality of the products and services, and lay a strong foundation for sustainable development in the near future.

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