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Company News
TCPS signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Tianjin University.


March 29, 2019, the first Tianjin intelligent science & technology conference successfully kicked off in Tianjin University Beiyang campus. This conference was organized by Tianjin University, sponsored by Tianjin Software Industry Association, Tianjin Big Data Association. Around 200 directors from government, state organs and institutions, intelligent enterprises, academic leaders, teachers and students are present at this conference.

The main focus of this conference is to promote the transformation of achievements in the field of intelligent science and technology, fully promote the strategic layout of intelligent science and technology industry, enhance mutual understanding between universities and enterprises, etc.

At the conference, TCPS signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Tianjin University. TCPS will carry out deep cooperation with Tianjin University by utilizing its advantages of products, resource and market, and combing the advantages of Tianjin University education, science & technology and platform, etc. The cooperation will involve scientific research, achievements transformation, industrial innovation, talent training and strategic consultation, etc.

Through this conference, TCPS has established close cooperation relationship and will carry out further cooperation with Tianjin University. It will let more industry-university-research cooperation projects bear fruit, promote the transformation and upgrading of enterprises, and improve the economic benefits of enterprises.


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